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Increasingly diversified asset base

  • Currently the Company is focused on sourcing and building solar PV generation assets in developed economies with an established framework of policies and regulations in supporting development of renewable energy under various subsidy schemes.
  • Our solar assets consist of residential systems, commercial rooftop systems, as well as utility scale ground mounted plants in the U.S. and the UK. At present, we are actively sourcing new solar assets in Japan.
  • With solar PV generation systems becoming more cost competitive against conventional technologies in electricity generation, it is expected that electricity generation from solar projects would become more popular and reach grid parity in more and more countries around the world.
  • In each market, we work with experienced and reputable EPC contractors, using first tier solar modules and equipment from international manufacturers. We also work with local O&M and asset management providers, but it is envisioned that we would build our own in-house capabilities in asset management in the future.